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Megastars opened in September 2014. It has been set up by parents/childminders. As we offer a two hour session at the Brockeridge, we currently don't have to be Ofsted registered. This is something that may change in the future, however we do run with Ofsted guidance in mind and fully qualified staff.

We have our own policies and procedures which follow other Afterschool clubs and are available to parents when you register.

We have provided wrap around childcare for the children of Watermore for over 4 years. After year on year success, and a double intake of children this year, we could no longer squeeze everyone in at home and looked to a change of venue.

Our aims at Megastars :

  • To provide a happy, welcoming place where all children are valued
  • To help children be healthy
  • To have strong partnerships with parents
  • To ensure the safety and welfare of each child
  • To offer a varied and stimulating range of play opportunities

item7We work in co-operation with Watermore Primary School, but we are a separate organisation. The club is not an open access scheme; children must be registered with Megastars in order to use our service.

We have places for up to 35 children aged from 3-11years in each session.

We currently have an average of 31 children per session with most children in reception, years 1 & 2.

Children are collected from their classroom and brought to the club. On arrival they are offered a light tea. The staff child ratio is 1:8. 2 members of Staff are always qualified in line with national childcare qualifications.

Location of the After School Club

The Club sessions are held in the Brockeridge Centre, located opposite the infant site.

At pick up time, children are collected from their classroom. The younger children wear hi-visibility vests and use the school crossing patrol.

What will your child do?

Megastars after school club has a very relaxed feel as we fully appreciate that children may be tired at the end of a long school day and may simply just want to 'chill out' during their time with us. Therefore children are encouraged to choose the activities they wish to take part in and the emphasis is very much on supervised free play, giving children a chance to catch up with old friends or make new ones.mainpage20172

We have on offer a large selection of activities and three rooms for these to take place in. We having a cooking room, quiet room and craft/ games room. We have a variety of equipment ranging from table football, lego, dolls house and figures, hairdressing, sewing, ps3, board games, outdoor play, team games and much more!

Snack and drink

Our snack/ high tea aims to offer a healthy balance. On arrival at the Club at 3.45pm the children are offered a drink and a light tea. The children are sat around tables in two groups; Reception & Year 1 / Year 2 - Year 6. Please speak to the staff should your child have any special dietary requirement. Should your child be on a restrictive diet you may be asked to supply your child’s snack food.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Sam, Angela, Lisa, Chelsea and


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